Creating an Honesty Culture

Craig Weiss is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, and former patent attorney. Currently, he is the Co-founder and CEO of both Retainer Club, Inc. and Mouthguard Club, Inc., two companies that help orthodontists and dentists provide post-treatment retainers and custom mouthguards for athletes. Craig is also the Founder and CEO of Aladdin Dreamer, Inc., a tech company that helps users vastly improve their sleep health with its cutting-edge lucid dream stimulation software and hardware. In addition to this, Craig co-authored the book, I Am My Brother’s Keeper: American Volunteers in Israel’s War for Independence 1947-1949, with his brother, Jeffrey Weiss.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Craig Weiss reflects on COVID-19 and offers advice to entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in the new year
  • Craig discusses the transformative process of researching and writing I Am My Brother’s Keeper with his brother 
  • Craig’s top tips for enhancing your company’s performance: hire people that are fearlessly honest
  • How to accurately assess if you are creating a culture of honesty in your company
  • The ins and outs of Craig’s current companies: Retainer Club, Mouthguard Club, and Aladdin Dreamer

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