The Importance of “Pillow Talk” and Expert Advice for Couples to Improve Their Sleep

Wendy Troxel
Wendy M. Troxel

Wendy M. Troxel, PhD, is the Senior Behavioral and Social Scientist at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit organization that helps improve policy and decision-making using research and analysis. Dr. Troxel is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in sleep medicine, and her research has been featured in esteemed scientific journals, media publications, and her two well-known TEDx talks. Dr. Troxel is also the author of Sharing the Covers: Every Couple’s Guide to Better Sleep, a definitive guide on how to simultaneously improve sleep quality and relationship health.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Wendy Troxel and Dr. Ruchir Sehra discuss how poor sleep health negatively impacts the economy 
  • How the RAND Corporation analyzes the influence of sleep on employee behavior
  • The biggest challenges couples face when sharing a bed: snoring, different wake times, and more
  • Dr. Troxel and Dr. Nancy Rothstein talk about the social consequences of sleep loss
  • How pillow talk and pre-sleep communication can positively affect your sleep and relationship

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