RESONEA Selected for Flinn Foundation Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program

Scottsdale, AZ – April 30, 2020 – Resonea, Inc., (“Resonea” or the “Company”) a technology company founded to create a new standard for understanding sleep and breathing and their long-term impact on health, wellness, performance, and quality of life, announced that they have been selected for membership in the Flinn Foundation Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program for 2020. The Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation … Read More

Restful Sleep is Not a Luxury for Employees (or for You)

Employee performance and productivity is something we all think about as we try to improve profitability while containing costs. What most of us don’t think about however, is how much poor sleep may be hindering these efforts. We spend one third of our lives sleeping and yes, this simple daily act may actually be the most important aspect of an … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: Sleep Leads to Better Employee Performance

Employers must deal with a variety of issues that affect employee performance, such as absenteeism, health problems and declining productivity. While many employers fail to realize that these problems are linked to poor sleep, those who make employee sleep health a priority find they’re able to affect real, meaningful change in workplace performance, productivity and safety, as well as in … Read More

Behavioral Effects of Sleep

This is an interesting podcast in which we were featured as part of the topic on Behavior Effects of Sleep.   This Behavioral Grooves Podcast is led by well know behavioral scientists, Tim Houlihan and Kurt Nelson: Click here to view podcast

Could bad sleep be affecting my behavior?

Almost everyone has had the experience of waking up after a bad night of sleep feeling tired and a bit “off”. Our brain feels sluggish – like it’s not “hitting on all cylinders” – but does this directly affect our mood or behavior? The association between sleep disorders and mood disorders has been known for quite some time: it is … Read More

Biotechnology and Life Sciences Company Resonea Recognized for Sleep Health and Wellness Technology Innovation

Neal Beswick (VP Business Development) and Margaret Mitchell (VP Product R&D) meeting with AZ Governor Ducey and the President & CEO of the ACA, Sandra Watson.  SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. (PRWEB) JANUARY 16, 2018 Biotechnology and life science company Resonea Inc. was chosen as a recipient of the Arizona Innovation Challenge (AIC) Fall 2017 Awards, powered by the Arizona Commerce Authority to recognize … Read More

Bad night of sleep = bad day at work

With the vast growth in wearables and apps claiming they help determine “sleep quality”, combined with a growing public movement led by celebrities such as Arianna Huffington, sleep is finally being recognized as an major part of our health and wellness.    Beyond just the health implications, we all understand, intuitively, that a bad night of sleep impairs our activities of … Read More

Your Brain Works Faster With Restful Sleep

Have you ever said to someone, “I’m a little slow today — I didn’t get enough sleep”?   We all seem to innately know that being deprived of sleep results in changes in how we function mentally.  Most of us describe this as being “slow” likely due to the perceptible delay in how quickly we are able to perform different mental … Read More